Connection questions
Connect all devices to the same Wi-Fi connection and let Cat Crisis do the rest! Once in controller mode, the device will automatically detect existing Console games on the same Wi-Fi connection and you simply choose which game you want to join! On iOS devices, play anywhere by connecting via Bluetooth. Be sure to turn on Bluetooth then enable Bluetooth mode on all participating iOS devices.
You can play single player in Swipe mode with your finger without Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth connectivity is supported between iOS devices. Wi-Fi connectivity is required when connecting to Cat Crisis on a Mac or Apple TV.
Oh no! It seems like you may be in an area were lots of Wi-Fi signals exist and it is affecting your Wi-Fi connection quality. Try moving closer to the Wi-Fi router or changing the Wi-Fi channel on your router.
Yes! We highly recommend you to close any unnecessary applications running on your phone/device prior to game play. We also recommend you to reboot your phone to ensure the best possible performance from your phone. Please keep in mind that mobile Hotspots are not designed for large amount of connections. In certain crowded Wi-Fi public space, you will still encounter some issues due to too many other Wi-Fi signals being broadcasted around you that are interfering with the quality of your connection.
Bluetooth connectivity is supported between iOS devices running Cat Crisis 1.1 or later! A Wi-Fi connection is required when connecting to a Mac or Apple TV.
Game Play Questions
To help calibrate the controller back to the center, we’ve added a “centering crosshair” button to make things easier for you. You can also adjust your crosshair by using the edge of the screen as a bumper.
These weapons have a limited amount of ammo as well as a cool down period to ensure no weapon is too powerful that will make the game less fun. Every weapon pack is unique. Try them all and find the best one that fits your game play style!
General Questions
No! You can use a Mac (loaded with macOS version of Cat Crisis), or even an iPhone! We recommend running the game in Console mode on a larger screen for better viewing and more fun!
Fear not! Drop us an email at and we will do our best to help you out!